15-player Adventure Zombie Game

2022/12/13 Q&A


Victoria and the development team has received a great amount of feedback from December 1's update, we've gathered 5 questions from it.


Q1: When will the game be available in other regions? 

A1: We want to share some good news: the team is planning to start Open Beta test for Android in more countries and regions in Latin America and Southeast Asia, the preparation is ongoing; the Beta for iOS is also in closed test. For better experience, please give us more time for the tests and localization and stay tuned for the news on our official Facebook account.  


Q2: Will my account be reset when the game launches officially? 

A2: Your account in Open Beta WILL NOT be deleted and your items WILL NOT be withdrawn after the game is offically launched, you could still use them in the following versions. As the pioneer Mercs who experience the game and give us valuable feedback, we really thank you for the enthusiasm and support.  


Q3: Can you add more items into the shop?

A3: At present, the team is focusing on the adjustments of gameplay and experience, we would expand the shop in proper time. Meanwhile, we are open to hear from the Mercs about what categories and styles you want us to add in the game, some suggestions like skins for Zombie Merc is cool and is in consideration. 


Q4: There are too many bots in a match, can you solve this problem?  

A4: We have adjusted this issue and the number of bot players has been optimized. Our purpose is to improve the time of matchmaking and bring Mercs better experience. We will continue to pay attention to this issue. 


Q5: Will Zombie Merc get buffed? Can you reduce Human Merc's revival times before the mutation?

A5: Balance and gameplay experience are always the focal spots for the dev team. The situations that Mercs keep feeding back to us have been appreciated and relevant data are being analyzed and evaluated. Currently, the direction of gameplay adjustment is that no matter which side the Mercs are in, Human or Zombie, the ultimate purpose could be consistent, which is "collect enough Blood Crystals and evacuate". Please give us more time and stay tuned for further announcements.  



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With Gratitude, 

ZOZ: Final Hour Team