15-player Adventure Zombie Game

2022/11/03 Announcement

November 3, 10:00 (UTC +8) Rolling Maintenance Notice


Greetings, Mercs!

Thank you all for your participation and support for ZOZ: Final Hour! We have received tons of valuable feedback and are all-hands-on-deck to improve your game experience. We will be undergoing maintenance soon. Please check the details below.


[Update Time and Method]

November 3, 10:00 - 12:00 (UTC +8)/November 2, 23:00 - November 3, 1:00 (UTC -3)/November 3, 9:00 - 11:00 (UTC +7). Maintenance won't cause server interruptions, however, players will need to restart the game. Some features may be restricted during the maintenance period, so please keep an eye on in-game messages.


[Features and Fixes]

Core Gameplay: 

1. **IMPORTANT UPDATE**Previously, we didn't notify that missions have time limits, or that the battlefield would be unavailable when time's up. To address this, we have added a countdown so that players can plan accordingly. Missions will end when the countdown ends, and Evac Choppers will arrive immediately if Signal Emitters are placed near the end of the countdown.

2. **IMPORTANT UPDATE**Now Mercs will still have chances to evacuate if there are enough Blood Crystals in the battlefield to call the Evac Chopper. We have removed the limit that there are only 2 chances of evacuation in a match.

3. The BC detection indicator on top has been removed. 

4. We've made some changes to better facilitate quick Mod selections during intense moments. Mod options will now pop up on the weapons tab once Mercs gather enough Mod Materials. Just tap to mod. We hope this helps!

5. The team-up interface will now display Mercs you have recently cooperated with, so you can choose to team up with them again.

6. Component Changes:
 (1) Gold Digger: Triggering requirement reduced to 10 crates (from 15)
 (2) Crates restore HP: Each crate's HP restoration increased to 20 (from 10)
 (3) Thermal Optics: Removed range limit
 (4) Removed Zombie Detection, Bunker Tactics, Echolocation

7. In Duo Mode, when potentially useful drops are found by your ally, they will be auto-marked and notified via voice message.

All-new Crystal Pass Launch:
New Crystal Pass: Speed of Life has been released on November 3! We have also reset everyone's Pass levels according to the rules. It's already halfway through Season 3: Rebirth after Disaster, Mercs wishing to reach higher tiers and pass levels, do so now!

[Dev Notes]

Thank you for all of your interest and feedback. Be sure to follow our Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/ZOZFinalHour) and Discord(https://discord.gg/EncGWSEWbs) channels to get the latest info, and keep sending feedback!
We always try to optimize for performance with every update. In this version, we noticed some areas that seriously impacted performance, and have already taken measures to fix them. We hope this will provide everyone with a better gaming experience.
We will be adjusting combat balance and stage experiences. Be sure to stay tuned for more update announcements.
We thank everyone for their passion and care. ZOZ: Final Hour would not be possible without you! As always, we welcome your feedback, and are more than happy to hear your thoughts about the game. Thanks for your cooperation!


Best Regards,
ZOZ: Final Hour Team