15-player Adventure Zombie Game


Victoria and the development team has received great feedback from 8.25 update, we've gathered 8 questions from it.


Q1:Are there optimization solutions for constant FPS drops and game crashes?

A1:We have enabled many more compatible devices since our first launch month. Players unable to download the game before can try re-installing it. Be sure to check your available space, and if you are still unable to install the game, please let us know your mobile phone model to help with optimizations.


Q2:Will new weapons be added?

A2:We plan to continuously update and add weapons, but will need some time for design optimization. We will let everyone know as soon as there are any new developments.


Q3:Will there be new maps with different themes?

A3:We are building a new map, but the current theme will still be focused on a post-apocalyptic city. We will add different map themes as seasons progress. Don't hesitate to let us know what kind of maps you'd prefer!


Q4:Are there plans to introduce new environmental factors?

A4:We are passionate about creating a post-apocalyptic ambience. For example, the "Darkness Mode" update that we are releasing got a positive reception from many players, but we need some time to optimize the reduced vision to provide the best experience possible. But we're sure that everyone will get to experience it soon!


Q5:Will there be steps taken to prevent colluding and ganging up on solo players?

A5:We've been keeping an eye on this issue and apologize for any inconvenience. Since we have not yet rolled out a Guild system, we will try to adjust matchmaking calculations to prevent certain players from repeatedly teaming up.


Q6:Will there be more in-game events?

A6:We've been blown away by player enthusiasm and will be adding tons of gameplay. Stay tuned!


Q7:Will there be more chances to obtain Zees?

A7:It's come to our attention that resource scarcity has been an issue for our players. We're hard at work optimizing game mechanics related to resource amount and distribution to address this.


Q8:Will there be more Mutated Merc skins and clothing?

A8:We'll be unveiling new themes and clothing each season. Don't hesitate to let us know what sorts of clothing styles you'd like to see!


Welcome every player to join our Discord (http://discord.gg/EncGWSEWbs) and discuss with our mercs from different places. We will try our best to offer our players a better game experience!