15-player Adventure Zombie Game

Tactical Gear 101

Here is our latest encyclopedia of all Tactical Gear that Mercs could get from the battleground. You could find them by killing zombies, opening crates or purchasing from the safehouse. Choose wisely, since one could only carry two pieces of gear with them. Now get into gear with these gear before the situation of San Yager slips out of gear! 


Picture Button Name Description
Airdrop Flare Gun Call Airdrop to get supplies
Ammo Box Place a Supply Crate with infinite ammo
BC GPS Shows all Blood Crystal signals on map (Currently removed)
BC Jammer Conceal one's own Blood Crystal signal (Currently removed)
Grappler Swift movement
Hang Glider Use to glide in the air
Holographic Projector Projects an image of yourself to confuse enemies
Jetpack Propels upward
Mech-Shield Builds cover
MG Tower Find and attack enemies automatically
Molotov Cocktail Creates a burning zone
Smoke Grenade Obstructs vision
Spider Mine A mine capable of colossal damage when triggered
Stimulant Gain temporary STA and increased SPD
Surgeon's Kit Restores all HP
Targeted Assault Perform an air raid on target location
Tracking Lens Shows Blood Crystals within 90m
Vaporized Healing Device Heals surrounding allies over time
Zombie Bait Attracts nearby zombies


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