15-player Adventure Zombie Game

Weapons 101

Here is our latest weapon information, mercenaries can get first-hand information on weapon stats, DMG, fire rate, etc. Join the fight and unlock new weapon skills (you can also get the AK-47m assault rifle with high damage in the Advanced Crate). 


1.M4A1 Assault Rifle


Weapon Brief:

Remarkably well-balanced and stable. Suitable for battle at any distance, but recommended for mid-range combat.  level 1 Muzzle Flash Hider:Reduces recoil
Muzzle Brake:Greatly reduces recoil when [crouching]
level 2 Ammo Extended Mag:Mag Capacity +10
Incendiary:Inflicts [Burn] on targets
level 3 Aim Reflex Sight:Reduces bullet spread when firing
Holographic Sight:Reduces damage reduction [beyond 30m]






Weapon Brief:

SMG with a fast rate of fire and great stability. Recommended for close-range combat. level 1 Ammo Light Ammo:Increases MOV SPD when firing
Heavy Ammo:Damage increased by 20% for targets [within 15m]
level 2 Body Extended Mag:Mag Capacity +15
Stabilizer:Bullet spread does not expand when firing



3.M590A1 Shotgun


Weapon Brief:

Pump-action shotgun that fires multiple rounds in a single shot. Particularly effective against Zombies. Extremely powerful in close quarters, but its slow fire rate and short range limit its usefulness to close combat. level 1 Ammo Blood Crystal Projectile:Crosshair radius is increased by 20% per Blood Crystal carried. Bullet density does not change
Auto-fill:Gain full mag after killing targets [within 15m]
level 2 Bore BC Trigger:Fire rate is increased by 10% per Blood Crystal carried
Dragon's Breath:Fired bullets inflict [Burn] on enemies



4.MSR Sniper Rifle


Weapon Brief:

Bolt-action sniper rifle with long range, but small mag capacity. Extremely powerful; if modded, even body shots count as headshots.  level 1 Clip Quick Bolt Action:Increases Pull SPD
Extended Mag:Increases mag capacity
level 2 Muzzle Silencer:Reduces firing noise
Short Barrel:Increases MOV SPD
level 3 Aim Head Locked:Sniper Rifle headshot damage increased for targets [beyond 30m]
Hi-Power Optics:Removes damage reduction with distance
level 4 Ammo Blast Round:Explodes upon contact with target; does not penetrate
Weak Point Tracking:Torso hits count as [headshots]


5.US Hunting Bow


Weapon Brief:

Has excellent stability and deadly precision in its effective range, but a slow rate of fire. Its power increases with enhancement. Effective in any close-combat scenario. level 1 Bowstring Tripleshot:Fires 3 arrows at once with somewhat lower damage
Strongbow:No more DMG reduction [beyond 30m]
level 2 Arrow Rest Burning Arrow:Fired arrows inflict [Burn] on enemies
Light Arrow:Bow's full draw time halved
level 3 Bow Explosive Arrow:Explodes shortly after hitting a target
Triple-shot Arrowhead:Increases [headshot] damage



6.M249 LMG


Weapon Brief:

High mag capacity, effective at suppressive fire. Suitable for combat at various ranges. Reload speed is slow, so be careful of counterattacks. level 1 Clip Ammo Drum:Increases Reload SPD
Large Mag:Increases mag capacity
level 2 Body Latex Grip:Reduces recoil
Lightening:Increases MOV SPD when carrying gun
level 3 Lower Att Gunshield:Opens Gunshield and reduces MOV SPD when aiming
Bipod:The longer the [continuous firing], the faster the fire rate
level 4 Gunstock(Gun control) Turbocharge:Accelerates bullet spread retraction during [continuous firing]
Crouch Stance:Bullet spread reduced when [crouching] or [stationary]



7. AK-47m Assault Rifle


Weapon Brief:

Premium resource zones with high-grade gear will be marked on the map. 3 high-grade weapon chests will be scattered across the zone, with some containing AK-47m. The AK-47m is the most powerful assault rifle on the field and deals massive damage. Of course, rich resource zones mean more contenders, so you best be ready to cover your six.





Weapon Brief:

Derived from the traditional katana with modifications added to allow attacking multiple targets, dealing major damage to Zombies in the process. level 1 Cleave Increases number of targets that can be attacked
Taking the Offensive Increases Slashing SPD
level 2 Sharp Blade Every 3rd attack instakills Zombies
Flame Blade Increases DMG, inflicts Burning effect





Weapon Brief:

Packs enough power to take down Zombies in one shot, but its slow attack rate makes its utility is largely situational. level 1 Lightening Increased MOV SPD when carrying this weapon
Cleave Increases number of targets that can be attacked
level 2 Smash Increases DMG
Earthquake Attack method changed to ground smash


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