15-player Adventure Zombie Game

Zombie Merc Skills 101

Here is our latest zombie skills encyclopedia, where you can get information about the different attributes and effects of Zombie Merc skills. Join the battle and unlock new skill combination!

Picture Zombie skill Effect
BC Shield A shield raised in front of you to block some incoming damage
BC Shield: Expand BC Shield's block area and damage are increased
Megamode Character enters Megamode, greatly reducing damage received
Megamode: Resurrection Reverts to Zombie Merc with HP when HP reaches 0 during Megamode
Intimidation The more Mutated Mercs nearby, the higher your Max HP
Blood Crystal Shell Gain HP when not engaged in combat for a while
Lunge Lunges at target area, causing knockback upon landing
Lunge: Shockwave Lunge landing knockback range increased
Bloodthirst Lose HP over time when active, but increase all damage dealt
Bloodthirst: Bloodsteal Attacks absorb HP when Bloodthirst is active
Last Stand The lower the HP, the higher the attack speed
Sweet Revenge Knock down humans to release all skills in CD
Camouflage Muffles footsteps, making you harder to locate
Disguise: Stealth removed When camouflaged, basic attacks deal great damage
Stab Stabs target ahead and deals damage
Stab: Recharge Increases Stab charges
Rear Assault Increases DMG when attacking from behind
Duckwalk Crouch while moving to muffle footsteps
Spit Spit venom to attack targets from a distance
Spit: Explode Venom will explode upon hitting targets
Poison Gas Sprays Poison Gas at target location to deal fixed damage
Poison Gas: Mark Poison Gas user can use X-Visor on players affected by Poison Gas
Glass Cannon Increases DMG dealt and received
Escape Speeds up briefly after receiving damage from a distance
Constitution Boost Increases Max HP

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