15-player Adventure Zombie Game


Victoria and the development team has received a great amount of feedback from 9.8 update, we've gathered 8 questions from it.


Q1: Can we match with strangers in Duo Mode?
A1: We've noticed many players hoping to play Duo Mode with both friends and strangers alike. Rest assured, this feature is ready and will be rolled out in upcoming updates. Please keep an eye out for update notices, and don't hesitate to let us know if you encounter any issues. We hope all Mercs enjoy the co-op experience!

Q2: Can we choose a Safehouse to revive in?
A2: We've collected tons of feedback from the community on Revival mechanics, and will be testing a feature that players can choose a Safehouse to revive in. During Revivals, players will be able to confirm the Revival point and situation in the revamped minimap interface. This should provide more tactical flexibility and freedom for Mercs returning to the battlefield. Stay tuned for update notices on this feature's release date.

Q3: The match ends before I get a chance to mutate and upgrade. Can Human and Mutated Merc mechanics be rebalanced?
A3: We appreciate everyone's feedback on the current game's ever-changing pace and will do all that we can to adjust the balance to ensure a smoother playing experience. Please don't hesitate to offer feedback and suggestions for related issues!

Q4: Can Mercs get more time to radio for the chopper/evac?
A4: We've noticed related feedback from the community, but this is quite a complex problem that involves many layers of game design. Please be patient as we perform more in-depth analysis. We are grateful for the community's feedback on the current gameplay experience. The team's communication lines are always open!

Q5: Are you considering releasing or adding refresh features in weapon choosing phase? Will you release selective weapon/gear modes someday?
A5: In addition to adjusting weapon and gear refresh rates in the pre-battle purchasing phase, players can now also loot weapons and tactical gear from zombies and crates. We will keep optimizing this experience so everyone can try out different combos with greater ease. Don't hesitate to let us know if you encounter any issues.

Q6: Will the Sniper Rifle get enhanced?
A6: In mid- to close-range fights, Sniper Rifle does face some limitations, but under certain circumstances, it can also be a lethal weapon! In the upcoming update, we will increase the Sniper Rifle's damage and optimize visual and audio performances. Stay tuned!

Q7: Will Blood Crystal collection difficulty be optimized?
A7: The team is hard at work analyzing how much Blood Crystal collection difficulty affects overall match progress. Please be patient as we crunch some numbers. We appreciate all of your valuable feedback, and look forward to any more regarding this issue.

Q8: Will the Cardiotonic be adjusted?
A8: We have noticed related feedback on the Cardiotonic, which involves various aspects of gameplay. At this point in time, we need more game environment data for further evaluation. We appreciate your patience!


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