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All tactical gear list, pictures & information

Here is our latest tactical gear information, mercenaries can get first-hand information on effects,duration,CDs about tactical gear. Join the fight and unlock ungraded gear!

Picture Tactical Gear Effect Duration(s) CD(s)
Smoke Grenade Use to create smoke in the target area, obscuring vision and preventing zombies from detecting the player in the smoke. / 70
Spider Mine Press to place a mine in a fixed position ahead. The mine and the red lined area ahead are the effect area, which will be triggered by zombies and enemies and cause damage. / 90
SATNAV Displays the real-time location of all Blood Crystal Signals on the mini-map and map for a sustained period after use (and will differentiate whether or not they are owned). 60 120
Tracking Lens Use X-Visor to find the nearest Blood Crystal/Blood Crystal holder within 90m for the duration, until it is picked up by your side. 60 150
BC Jammer Your Blood Crystal Signal will not be detected by BC Detectors and other BC-tracking equipment while using. 60 180
MG Tower Place an MG tower in front of you to automatically detect and attack the enemy. The closer you are to it, the higher its hit rate. 60 150
Airdrop Flare Gun
Use to emit a signal above and drop an Airdrop ahead (long-press to preview the rappel point). Airdrops can contain Armor, Components, Mod Materials, and Zees.
/ 180
Hang Glider Glide when in the air. Mercs can steer, accelerate, and decelerate with the joystick. Press the skill button again or shoot to stop the glider. / 1
Stimulant Increases Movement and Climbing SPD when used and enables sprinting while in effect, clearing Stamina when over. 8 55
Ammo Box Places a supply crate in front of you that can be refilled with infinite ammo for the duration.
60 150
Surgeon's Kit Used when HP is low, instantly replenishing all HP after use. / 150
Molotov Cocktail Burns and deals damage to all players and zombies in the burning area, lasting for 4 secs after leaving the area. / 60
Zombie Bait Causes zombies in a large area to run towards the bait when thrown, dealing damage to a small area of nearby enemies when the bait disappears. 7 47
Grappler Press to aim the Grappler. When the reticle shrinks to red, the shot can hook the target point. Release to shoot the Grappler and be pulled to the target point.
/ 70
Mech-Shield Places a shield that blocks bullets on the ground ahead. One person can only place one shield at a time. The shield can be destroyed and its appearance will determine its degree of damage. / 150
Holographic Projector Throws a projection device which casts a hologram of the user. The image will be disrupted when attacked and reveal the attacker's position. Attacks to the projection device below the image can destroy it. 60 180
Jetpack Propels upwards for some distance and then slowly drops. Steer, shoot, climb walls, and use other equipment while midair. It can be used for both overcoming obstacles and moving around in combat. / 55
Targeted Assault Emits a signal flare causing a helicopter to descend and fire 5 rounds of indiscriminate machine gun fire in the vicinity of the flare, with each round preceded by a warning that the area will be under fire. 60 180
Vaporized Healing Device Vaporized Healing Device heals surrounding allies over time, with its effect ending when the healing device is destroyed. 13 180


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