15-player Adventure Zombie Game

06/30 Announcement

Greetings Mercs!

We are pleased so many of you joined our regional testing, and are grateful for your participation. We have received tons of valuable feedback and are all-hands-on-deck to improve your game experience. We will be undergoing maintenance soon. Please check the details below.
[Maintenance Time and Method]
June 16th, 10:00 - 12:00(UTC +8).
The maintenance won't cause server interruptions, however, players will need to restart the game. Some features may be restricted during the maintenance period, so please keep an eye on in-game messages.
[Features and Fixes]
1. ZOZ: Final Hour is a PvP game in which players compete for evac chances. We noticed that being able to rescue others caused some confusion for players, so we will no longer enable rescues of non-teammates in this update.
2. We found that in some cases (such as network instability), weapons had inaccurate aim/recoil and imprecise hitboxes, which will be fixed in this update.
3. ZOZ: Final Hour is committed to creating a fair competitive environment and has zero tolerance for cheating. We have banned a number of cheating players and removed them from the rankings. We appreciate your reports, and will also release more anti-cheating mechanisms.
4. We fixed some in-game bugs, such as certain terrain that caused players to get stuck and some skills that could not be triggered correctly.
[Dev Notes]
1. Many players expressed that the Mutated Mercs were too powerful, making Human Merc scores too low. We have noticed this happening in higher tiers and are currently planning to adjust the scoring mechanism as soon as possible.
2. We've been blown away by the sheer level of player enthusiasm. ZOZ: Final Hour is currently in its early stages, and so we are still working on adaptation and balance. We will do our best to optimize it so that more can enjoy our game, and will unveil features as soon as we can.
Thank you for all of your interest and feedback. Be sure to follow our Discord channels(https://discord.gg/2Cy8wvVC) to get the latest info, and keep sending feedback! We will read it all with care.
ZOZ: Final Hour team