15-player Adventure Zombie Game

ZOZ Open Beta Test Adjustments

The following are what have been adjusted in the new version. Added the Duos Mode and changed some of the rules.

Duos Mode Introduction

A. Invitation and acceptance in the Duos Mode1. Players can switch between the game modes via the icon in the upper left corner in the game lobby

2. Now we have two game modes: the single-player Solo Mode and two-player Duos Mode. Tap the icon and confirm to switch modes. You will start matching and enter a game in the mode of your choosing.

B. Rules of the Duos Mode

Battle Preparation: When in Duos Mode, the two players can only enter the match when they both completed the purchase;

Team Rules: When in Duos Mode, the party cannot be broken up and there is no friendly fire damage. The party status box will display every member's HP, Blood Crystal count and other info.

Teammate Death and Respawn: When the teammate is dead, he or she can be respawned by spending a certain number of N coins in a valid Safehouse. The respawn cannot be performed when the surviving teammate is in a state of offline, reviving, dying, or engaging the intelligence machine, the healing bed or the shop.

Death-related and mutation gameplay: When a player dies, he or she enters the Spectator Mode, which allows spectating the other teammate. When both player die, they will turn into zombies. One right at the spot, the other at a near respawn site.

Evacuation(Victory) Conditions: When the two players in the party possess a total of at least 5 Blood Crystals, they can call for evacuation. When the chopper arrives, both players must stand in the evacuation circle for the crystal counting, or the evacuation would fail.

The zombie Mercs with top 3 killings will win.


B. Other changes

The following are the changes in the new version.

1. Removed the team-up mechanism in the Solo Mode: now players cannot team up by waving or team up to evacuate;

2. Optimized the evacuation mechanism: now only 2 evacuations are allowed in one match and the game will automatically end after the second evacuation, with each evacuation requiring 5 Blood Crystals;


1. Optimized the plot number: now there are 7 plots;

2. Optimized the plot classifications: plots now have different Blood Crystal enrichment. In the initial conditions, there is 1 plot with 4 BC, 5 plots with 2 BC, and 1 plot with no BC but has high-tier weapons;

1. Adjusted the goals of zombie Mercs and added corresponding skills;

2. Adjusted zombie strength: zombie Mercs' damage is greatly increased;

3. Added ammo replenishment guide and complex situation demo to the tutorials;

4. Changed the dying state mechanism: the first 3 times of being killed, player will enter the dying state, which lasts 120 seconds; at the 4th time, player will directly turn into a zombie Merc;

5. Adjusted the loot mechanism: when a player is killed, only the Blood Crystals on him/her will drop, not other items; the killer can loot additional items as rewards;

6.  Optimized weapon modification:

①Guns now have different modification layers;

②Weapons are available for purchase in Safehouse;

③Added some fun accessories while deleted some bad ones.