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ZOZ: Final Hour Starts Open Beta Test in Brazil, Indonesia and Singapore

ZOZ: Final Hour, the multiplayer third-person shooting game starts the Open Beta Test in Brazil , Indonesia and Singapore today!
Elite Mercs, get your pack ready for the new mission!💥 Click the link to download: https://zoz.onelink.me/nGji/zni5hvn1
If you have any advice or suggestions, please join ZOZ: Final Hour Official Discord Server to discuss with us 👉https://discord.gg/EncGWSEWbs
💬Important Info
Platform: Google Play
For Indonesia & Singapore>>May 26th 10 AM (GMT+7)
For Brazil>>May 26th 10 AM (GMT-3)
Region: Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore
Character data created during the Open Beta Test will be kept to the official version of the game.
For your better gaming experience, ZOZ developers recommend Mercs use Android 5.0 or higher version to participate. Please also ensure that your device has at least 8GB of free space and 2GB of RAM.
Since ZOZ is still under development, there might be imperfections.