15-player Adventure Zombie Game

[Beginner's Guide] Safehouse Mechanics Explained

Safehouse is one of the game's mechanics. Safehouse provides players with supplies, healing and protection. Today, we'll be explaining the Safehouse mechanics.


What is a Safehouse?

As the name suggests, Safehouses are the game's safe zones where players can get supplies, heal, buy items, and gain information. Normally, players can relax from the stresses of the match in Safehouse. However, danger could be lurking in the seemly "safe" house.


How to find a Safehouse?

Each block has a Safehouse, showed on the map as an icon of a green house. Players can locate a Safehouse by reading the map.

And the style of the door to a Safehouse is distinctive, and a yellow Switch can be found near the door. Players can locate Safehouse by the color of the Switch and the style of the door.


Safehouse Function Explain

1. Recover HP

The most fundamental, and most important, mechanics of the Safehouse is HP recovery. As long as its Switch isn't turned off, the Safehouse is a safe zone where players can't be harmed in any way. They can use medical equipment inside in completely safety. The medical equipment is free and can return players to full health. But if another player is using it, latecomers will have to wait in line.


2. View nearby enemies and their Blood Crystal number