15-player Adventure Zombie Game

[Beginner's Guide] Zombie Merc Gameplay

When players are searching for Blood Crystal, they might be turned into a Zombie Merc by zombie attacks. Zombie Mercs have better fighting skills. They can hunt Mercs and prevent them from leaving with Blood Crystal. Today we're introducing the beginner's guide to the Zombie Merc gameplay for you to enjoy the killing spree!

Zombie Merc Gameplay Guide


Basic Mechanics Explained

1.What is a Zombie Merc?

Initially, players are Mercs with the task of collecting Blood Crystal and escaping. After a player is attacked to a point that his HP(white health bar) reaches 0 and he enters a weak state, he will become a Zombie Merc if he fails to recover HP with items or Safe House in time. As the number of times that a player is knocked down by zombie grows, he will have less weak-state HP(red health bar) and lose health faster.

Two ways to become a Zombie Merc in the weak state: 1. Reduce the weak-state HP(red health bar) to zero; 2. Tap the button to turn immediately.


2.Changed Gameplay

Collecting Blood Crystal is the task of Mercs, yet Zombie Mercs have entirely different tasks. After being Zombie, players must stop other Mercs from escaping and mitigate score deduction. Zombie Mercs need to assume the role of a hunter to kill other Mercs and turn them as well.