15-player Adventure Zombie Game

[Beginner's Guide] Victory Conditions and Item Procurement

Knowing how to win and get items can make you better enjoy the game. Today we'll being explaining the victory conditions and the methods to procure items!

Victory Conditions Explained

(The mechanism explained here applies to CBT period's Ranking Match and is subject to adjustment in future versions.)

In ZOZ: Final Hour, players will play as a Mercenary and enter the zombie city San Yager, having one single goal—evacuate after collecting enough Blood Crystal. The victory conditions have 3 parts: collect Blood Crystal, call for evacuation, and board and hijack the plane. Players first have to face the Blood Crystal collecting problem—how to stay alive while collect more efficiently.

1. How to collect Blood Crystal

① Collect from Incubator

The most basic way to get Blood Crystal is to collect them from Incubators, which are harmless. Players can easily kill them and get Blood Crystal from their bodies. It's an easier method, perfect for players who want to play it safe. The upside is that it can avoid fights with other players, but the downside is that it's also less efficient, since players need to find Incubators.

② Rob other players' Blood Crystal

Other players in the game will also be collecting Blood Crystal, and our second method is to rob them. Taking from another player means a direct fight. Players can go to Safehouse to use the intelligence machine and get the location of players with Blood Crystal. The Blood Crystal detector above the map can also detect nearby players' position. Note that when Blood Crystal detector is close to the Blood Crystal signal, the distance info will be hidden, showing only as Signal Fluctuation. Players have to look for Blood Crystal themselves.


2. Call for evacuation related problems

  • Collect enough Blood Crystal

If Merc players want to call for evacuation, they need to collect enough Blood Crystal. There are three chances to evacuate in each game, needing 5, 4, and 3 Blood Crystal respectively. 

  • Choose a safe spot to call for a chopper

When collected enough Blood Crystal, players can call in the evacuation chopper. However, the chopper takes two minutes to be in position. In this two-minute player needs to stay safe to be able to evacuate. How to choose a proper place to call is a problem. It's suggested to choose higher grounds that are easy to defend, such as rooftops and bell towers. Some cover should be around for protection from snipers.

  • Secure evacuation supplies

When waiting for evacuation, some supplies will be dropped to avoid losing combat capacity. Be aware that the drop will attract other players, so remember to stay alert when securing the supplies.

  • Check Blood Crystal at boarding

When the chopper gets to the evacuation point and the player enters the evacuation ring, it takes an additional two seconds to check Blood Crystal count. If the player doesn't have enough, boarding access will be denied. In the two seconds, other players can still attack the player and take Blood Crystal. So never be off guards until the evacuation is successful.


3. Hijack Gameplay Explained

  • Why hijack?

Reason 1: Evacuation requires enough Blood Crystal. Rob the player who has called for a chopper will make sure that enough Blood Crystal is present for an immediate evacuation.

Reason 2: There are only 3 chances to evacuate in each match. To stop another player from leaving can increase winning chance.

  • How to locate evacuating player

When a player calls for evacuation, other players will be notified the place and arrive time of the chopper. We can locate the evacuating player by moving towards the yellow icons on the map. Given that the evacuating player must be near the Signal Emitter, locating the Signal Emitter first will reveal the whereabouts of the evacuating player.


  • How to hijack

Idea 1: According to the calling position, choose a place that can observe the evacuation point and then shoot the evacuating player.

Idea 2: Team up or cooperate with other Mercs. Suppress the evacuating player with number. But watch out for those teammates, they might become our enemy!


4. How to acquire items

Purchase initial guns and equipment before the battle

Players will receive 500 N coins to purchase armors and gears before every battle. Players can make a battle configuration, at their discretion, with the weapons, shields, gears, accessories they randomly get from the system. Sometimes there will be discounts and coin doubling, but players should think twice before making any purchase in the San Yager as the budget is limited.


② Loot ammo and bandages by killing zombies

The most common creature in the game is regular zombies. Killing them will drop ammo and bandages. But the ammo in the loot will be less than what has been spent on killing it, so planning is needed in using ammo.



③ Opening box will get skills, gold, weapon modification materials, armors and tactical gears. 

Boxes are an important way to get items. They have a chance to drop skills, gold, weapon modification materials, armors and tactical gears. Must open them up when you find boxes, which contain things like Level 3 armor and Level 2 helmet.

④ Tactical gears must be purchased with N coins in Safehouse

Tactical gears such as Grappler, Mech-Shield and Jetpack, besides having a chance to be purchased before the match begins, can be bought in Safehouse with N coins. It doesn’t always have what you want on the shelves, if that’s the case you can use N coins to refresh.



It is important to master the winning mechanism as a player. Keep yourself safe during Blood Crystal collection. When you have enough Crystals, find an easy-to-defend spot to evacuate. There are chances to get all kinds of items from opening boxes, so don't miss the opportunity.


That's the end for the guide of victory conditions and item procurement. Hope you can be a master of the game soon!